The Alchemy of Autumn 


Sacred gardener, earth lover and educator Kat Gibson and artist, heart alchemist and daughter of nature, Bryonie Wise are coming together again (with special guest Don Khalsa, a multidisciplinary Shamanic practitioner) to invite a deeper kind of listening to the medicine that nature offers in the wild entanglement of the city.

As we tumble into Autumn’s embrace, there is an opportunity to experience the alchemy that this season reflects back to us. Alchemy is about turning something ordinary into gold - like the green of summer leaves shifting into an assortment of deep golden, amber hues. 

In this workshop, we'll explore the ways in which this particular seasonal shift can invite us into feeling, sensing and knowing our own alchemical processes, even with the buzz of the traffic that surrounds us.

Through a meditative exploration of our relationship to the rhythms, cycles and changes of the natural world around, you’ll be guided into an embodied experience in the garden, opening up to the magic and metaphor of the garden and beautiful and complex landscape that is city living.

We'll weave a contemplative and sensory-engaging walk through the garden, garlic planting as an autumn ritual, reflective writing and a guided  journey to deepen into the teachings of autumn.

All participants will receive a bulb of garlic, some seeds to plant next spring and a special gift from our hearts to yours.

When: Sunday October 21st, 1-4pm

Where: Fresh City Farms - 70 Canuck Ave. 

Cost: $75