Rooting to Rise 


Join sacred gardener, earth lover and educator, Kat Gibson and artist, heart alchemist and moon lover, Bryonie Wise for an afternoon of depth and connection in the Lady Gaia garden. 

As the plants establish strong root systems and begin their process of rising towards the sun, we'll explore our own embodied expression of this time of the season. Over the course of the afternoon, we'll connect to the messages and themes of late spring through movement, plant meditation, contemplative writing and a ritual of creation where we'll get our hands into the earth. 

Rooting ourselves into the cycles and seasons to feel ourselves more deeply in relation to the beauty of the living world can offer us a great deal of insight as well as a sense of the sacred beyond ourselves. 

All participants will take home a seedling and some seeds, three bunches of Lady Gaia organic produce and a special gift from the earth. 

When:    Sunday June 10 - 1-5pm

Cost:      $75

Where:   Downsview Park, Toronto- Fresh City Farms -Lady Gaia plot