The Garden as Teacher

This period of the growing season is one of my favourites, there's so much abundance, aliveness and inspiration - each crop growing fast and offering so much nourishment, insects and pollinators interacting with the soil and plants, surprises like milkweed seed that flew in on a breeze, seeding itself in a pathway and inviting butterflies in to feed. It's incredibly rewarding to be harvesting the fruits of all the labour, feeling the value embedded into my bones and woven into my heart, of many hours spent out in the elements, hands in the soil and good people working with me, some near and others on other farms, in other gardens - all connected through the soil network. There is a rhythm to this, the beat of the earth, steady, slow... patience, it's unfolding. This year we planted and are tending to a dozen medicinal herbs in the keyhole gardens. We've started a practice of tuning in and listening to their messages, giving offerings in exchange. It feels clear that they're here to teach us how to live here together, how to sustain and take care of ourselves and each other and we're here to learn.