Spring: Planting seeds & intentions in the body of the earth and earth of your body

As we make our way closer to spring equinox, I hear the plants calling, remember the smell of moist earth, teeming with life and the feeling of the warm sun on my skin. It evokes such a feeling of joy and aliveness.

Each year as I take note of the seasonal shifts and changes, I open up to the invitation of spring, to grow, expand, to step in, to become conscious of what I didn't know I knew, become more of who I am and offer that out in the world. I give thanks to the depth process and work of the winter that shifted inner parts of me like tectonic plates, sometimes leaving me feeling like my heart might beat out of my chest (being with what is raw and tender and what is emerging inside of me and in our world), ultimately creating more space for new seeds to grow.

For me, one of those new seeds is the Embodied Connections program and I'm so excited to share that registration is now open.

What I've learned over the past 7 years of growing food and integrating ritual and mindful practice, is that there are beautiful metaphors and teachings that present themselves when working intimately with the earth and they meet you exactly where you are. It feels like a healing balm to be met by the magic of the garden or farm in that way, to open to the wisdom of the plants and feel them open to you, to feel the gravity of the body in relationship to the gravity of the earth, to feel your inherent gifts, value and worthiness in relationship to that of the earth, to feel your heart in relationship to the heart of the earth and to gather and be with other beating hearts in the garden, reconnecting through ritual. 

From this comes the invitation to the program...

  • Plant seeds & intentions in the body of the earth and earth of your body
  • Discover food as ritual, plants as medicine, and the Earth as your teacher
  • Awaken your joy, pleasure, and vitality through the healing power of connecting to sacred Earth
  • Harvest the bounty from the garden for the nourishment of the body, mind and soul
  • Experience the magic and the metaphor available in the garden

An amazing team of collaborators is coming together and we're so looking forward to offering this over 3 modules (Spring, Summer, Autumn). 

If you are curious to learn more, you can follow this link: www.ladygaia.ca/courses

I hope you'll join us.

Much love,

The Garden as Teacher

This period of the growing season is one of my favourites, there's so much abundance, aliveness and inspiration - each crop growing fast and offering so much nourishment, insects and pollinators interacting with the soil and plants, surprises like milkweed seed that flew in on a breeze, seeding itself in a pathway and inviting butterflies in to feed. It's incredibly rewarding to be harvesting the fruits of all the labour, feeling the value embedded into my bones and woven into my heart, of many hours spent out in the elements, hands in the soil and good people working with me, some near and others on other farms, in other gardens - all connected through the soil network. There is a rhythm to this, the beat of the earth, steady, slow... patience, it's unfolding. This year we planted and are tending to a dozen medicinal herbs in the keyhole gardens. We've started a practice of tuning in and listening to their messages, giving offerings in exchange. It feels clear that they're here to teach us how to live here together, how to sustain and take care of ourselves and each other and we're here to learn.

Making Connections

First evening of Embodied Connections and we were initiated with a kaleidoscope of weather including rain, sunshine, rainbows, more rain and thunderstorms. From a guided visualization, to a discussion about the significance of creating sacred space in the context of growing food, participants were invited to explore some new connections. Before getting to work, we explored the metaphors inherent in preparing the ground, the soil for planting, how in order to grow what we intend to grow, space needs to be cleared. 

Happy Spring! Wanna Trade?

Happy Spring!

In tune with nature, I'm emerging from winter and am excited to build some new connections via social media. But the truth is, I want to keep my hands in the soil and teach others how to do the same so I'm looking for someone who's interested in a trade. I'll teach you how to grow food, and you post on social media for me. I'll give you guidance and some ideas, but ideally, your posts have great pics and you know how to hashtag. I'll also send you home with local and organic veggies. Here's the ad I've posted at a few places. Could you be the one?

Interested in learning to grow food? Want local and organic veggies?

I’d love to trade with you! I’m looking for someone who is social media savvy (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). Your posts are clear, creative, fun and you take great photos!

My name is Kat and I run Lady Gaia, operating out of Fresh City Farms in Toronto. We focus on experiences that guide connections to food and our sacred earth as a gateway to remembering your deeper self and vitality.

In 250 words or less, tell me why you’re interested in this trade and send to ladygaia.ca@gmail.com
Create an Instagram post, tag @lady__gaia and tell me why you’re interested in this trade.
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