Dreaming with Plants 


Our relationship with the dreamscape influences what happens in this reality. It is a source of inspiration, insight, deep wisdom, healing. "The dreamtime" is the Australian and Aboriginal world-view that all life is conceived in the dreamtime, a beginning that never ends. Aboriginal and traditional/folk communities believed that land and people were created by spirits, the ancestors, and that they communicate to people through dreams as nature beings, animal spirits and light beings. From this belief and perspective, we can come to understand dream space as the home of the Soul and a place to seed and receive collective visions to guide us. This experience is common to each and every one of us, the potential to awaken through dreaming. 

Join Kat Gibson and Vanja Vukelic @merakilabbe for an evening of ritual in the garden exploring the dreamworld/Otherworld, the flowering of our personal and collective dreams and wisdom with the support of plant and crystal allies.

Over the course of the evening, you'll be guided through:

-a tea journey
-an exploration of practices that engage our intuitive/heart perception
-the creation of your own dream pouch with plants and a crystal to resource
-a journey into the dreamworld/Otherworld 

All participants will take home a dream pouch, a mookite stone amplified by the energies of the circle and a soul guide revealed in the meditative dreamtime.